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Zing & the modern age of kitchen management

The day I realized Zing existed, my life actually changed. Something clicked in me and I could see their vision as clearly as my next week’s schedule. I was able to start scheduling dishwasher as many as I needed and when I needed. Were they all trained from day one? Who cares! Here was a person who willingly showed up every odd shift I requested, well groomed, with a ready-for-work attitude and did what they knew. Work.

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Zing Phase One Results

Earlier in February, we launched Zing, calling it Phase One. It was a pilot, more or less, with the goal of testing assumptions and keeping things simple and manageable. Would this thing even work?

Turns out, it works pretty well!

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Why I started Zing

I started Zing because dealing with part-time work sucks. For everybody. Workers are stressed out with finding shifts, good employers, good pay. Employers weather no-shows, expensive staffing agencies, scheduling nightmares.

Zing is an app that addresses this pain.

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