Part-time employees

Over 1.3 million people in Ontario work part-time1. This method of earning a living is fraught with challenges:
  • Availability: reliably filling your week up with shifts, especially if you have more than one PT job
  • Flexibility: little choice in when or where you can work
  • Misalignment with life goals: tough to build towards something
Zing’s Founder and CEO, Serkan Kutlu, witnessed all this again and again as a manager of several hospitality businesses. People were stressed and unhappy thanks to inefficient, messy part-time schedules. So he set out to fix it.

How Zing works for part-time employees

Our goal is to put all your part-time job seeking, scheduling, and career building into an app.

You will enter your availability, and Zing will build your schedule using open shifts from employers of your choice (even if you’ve never worked with them before!) The idea is to give you shifts with places that best fit your availability, experience level and commute time.

Even if you are just starting out, or would like to try a position in which you have little to no experience, the app is designed to match you up with employers that can help you grow and broaden your skills. Your progress and experience is recorded in your Zing profile, like a living, breathing resume (say goodbye to making new ones for every new position you’re interested in).

If you need to reschedule or swap a shift, no longer are your options limited to a narrow set of people: the Zing network is at your disposal. The app will ping anyone who’s looking to pick up extra shifts. Including you! Imagine your Thursday evening frees up. Hit a toggle in the Zing app to receive notifications for last-minute shift replacements or swaps, and earn mega kudos and credit from the employer whose butt you save!

Eventually, we plan to provide perks to all our users that hit certain milestones.

1 Source: Ontario.ca

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