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People. Product. Service.

These are the three keys to any successful hospitality business, and it’s especially crucial with a restaurant.

Zing was developed as way to seriously cut down on the headaches of the people (and labour cost) aspect, so that managers can spend more time focused on product and service.

When you join Zing as an employer, you’re given access to a wide pool of qualified, vetted part-time work force.

After years of drowning in spreadsheets, paper schedules tacked to walls, phone calls and desperate texts, Zing’s Founder and CEO Serkan Kutlu had had enough. “There was nothing out there that could fix this for me,” he said. “So I figured, in this day and age, why not build it myself?”

Thus, Zing was born.

How Zing works for employers

Zing is all managed from an app!

Simply tell us what shifts you need to fill, and Zing handles the rest. The part-time employees in the system are either actively employed with other Zing customers, or new entrants looking to gain work experience. All individuals in your newly expanded roster are vetted with necessary background checks and work permits. You or your supervisors have the ability to rate their performance and rehire desirability after every shift.

No-show prevention is critical: our part-time employees are incentivized to swap or fill any shifts that they have to abandon, else risk a public penalty on their profile. We also have an ’emergency fill’ feature that pushes out last minute requirements to the network, pinging the phones of all members who have immediate flexibility.

Inexperienced workers

Eligible employers will be able to draw from a pool of inexperienced part-time employees and enroll them into training positions. This is something you must do anyway: the difference here is that our app will track this and you’ll gain prestige and certain preferences within the network for your part in helping it grow.

What’s it cost?

Zing takes a percent of wages payable. We may explore subscription based packages that enable deeper feature sets, but only if we can determine that the added value is worth it for our clients (employers) and contractors (part-time employees).

Getting started with Zing

We would like to hear from you!

If you’re a hospitality business that feels they could benefit from technology like Zing, please send an email to hello@zingwithus.com to discuss the next steps.

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