The Team

Serkan Kutlu

Serkan has over 20 years of experience in hospitality and worked for great brands such as Four Seasons, Hyatt Hotels and Club Med. Serkan was most recently the General Manager of a high-end retirement residence where he oversaw a team of 80 people, assumed the responsibility of a restaurant and a bar along with all […]

Rick Sawyer

Rick is co-founder and CTO of Zing. He has a passion for creating/building technology, and is excited to be developing the application that he believes will change the world of part time work. Rick spent the early years of his software development career at IBM on few different teams and technologies, and got an opportunity […]

Jordy Fujiwara

Jordy is an entrepreneurial digital marketer and writer originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia. He spent the early part of his career with a boutique digital agency focused on strategy and social media. Today, he lives in Toronto working on and advising several projects. Apart from Zing, Jordy is also a Marketing Director for a Toronto […]

Markus Leung

Markus brings a unique perspective having defined his career in both Hospitality Management and Enterprise Software management. His 9 years of experience in the fast-paced, high-end restaurant environment has given him an empathetic understanding of the difficulty facing the hospitality industry. More recently, Markus has taken the role of leading teams of Enterprise Client Success Managers […]

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