Rick Sawyer

Founder, CTO

Rick is co-founder and CTO of Zing. He has a passion for creating/building technology, and is excited to be developing the application that he believes will change the world of part time work.

Rick spent the early years of his software development career at IBM on few different teams and technologies, and got an opportunity to work on a small team starting a brand new product. This is where he learned how much he liked starting products from the ground up, and out of necessity of being on a small team, learned how much he loves wearing many hats: from development, to documentation, to testing (ughh), to client demos, to customer support, to client visits and conferences (yes, that’s right, a geek that actually enjoys talking to clients).

Ever since then he has looked for such opportunities where he could be a large part of a scrappy team and turn ideas into products. Most recently Rick was the lead developer of an innovation team for Audatex, creating solutions for the auto insurance and auto repair industries.

Rick holds a BSc Honors Computer Science with Mathematics from the University of Western Ontario, where he was awarded the gold medal in his program.

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