Never let your head chef wash dishes again.

Zing is a new kind of staffing solution for restaurants and bars. You tell us when your dishwashing shifts are, and we send you good people. Zero time spent on applications or interviews. See the dishwasher’s picture, rating and work history.

  • Zero no-shows to date
  • 100% of requested shifts filled to date
  • Costs way less than an agency & other hiring apps
  • Designed to be fast & easy to use

What our clients have to say

“So far a great experience with Zing, quick and easy to use. We have been matched with great people that we have seen coming back. I know I can count on Zing to fill any shift even when we need someone last-minute.”
Harry Wareham
Manager, SpeakEasy 21
“Obviously in our business you cannot rely on people you have not hired yourself, our culture is so important to us. Found Zing through a friend and decided to give it a try as we were short of dishwashers. We have hired two awesome people through Zing and we continue to use it for shifts that we need to schedule depending on business levels. Zing gave us the flexibility and peace of mind to have the right coverage when we need it.”
Serhat Sacildi
Owner, Flame Food + Design
“I don’t have to worry about dishwasher coverage. Knowing we will have all shifts filled no matter what happens is a great feeling without interruption to our operation and other team members. Zing remains our option as their pricing is no different than what we pay our own employees.”
Guillaume Ballestin
Sous-Chef, Ricarda’s

Benefits for restaurants

  • Drastically reduce hiring time for dishwashers
  • Fill any shift, any time even last minute no-shows or sick calls with guaranteed matching
  • Double or triple your dishwashing roster
  • Avoid exorbitant agency fees: we average $16.70 CAD / hour including tax and fees
  • Manage everything from your smartphone
  • Full transparency and 2-way rating system: the best attract the best!
We are currently focused only on dishwashing shifts for the near term, but we absolutely plan to expand this offering into other positions such as bussers, line cooks, etc.

Proud to work with

Phase one launch

In Phase One, we will find a few restaurateurs in Toronto to do a test run. Our hospitality team will manually reinvent these restaurants’ scheduling processes while software engineering transforms what we learn into the app.

At the same time, marketing and research crews are keen to speak to part-time employees who’d be interested in seeing how Zing can change the way they find and schedule their shifts.

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