Zing fills shifts for you

We know the pain of trying to fill part-time shifts, especially for no-shows or last minute needs. Application reviews and interviews are a headache. Agencies cost a ton. So, we created Zing.

  • Zero no-shows to date
  • Costs way less than an agency & other hiring apps
  • Designed to be fast & easy to use

How Zing works in less than 100 words

Log into Zing and request a shift with few clicks. Submit it and forget it.

Our system will automatically match your request to our pool of pre-qualified contractors. Once somebody accepts the shift, you are able to see their picture, work history, and rating with Zing.

They arrive to their shift and clock in and out using a mobile app. After the shift, you (or your shift supervisors) are able to confirm the shift and provide feedback. A credit card payment is processed through Zing, covering the shift and our fee.

More details.

Benefits for restaurants

  • Drastically reduce hiring time for dishwashers
  • Fill any shift, any time even last minute no-shows or sick calls with guaranteed matching
  • Double or triple your dishwashing roster
  • Avoid exorbitant agency fees: we average $16.70 CAD / hour including tax and fees
  • Manage everything from your smartphone
  • Full transparency and 2-way rating system: the best attract the best!

Proud to work with

Phase one launch

In Phase One, we will find a few restaurateurs in Toronto to do a test run. Our hospitality team will manually reinvent these restaurants’ scheduling processes while software engineering transforms what we learn into the app.

At the same time, marketing and research crews are keen to speak to part-time employees who’d be interested in seeing how Zing can change the way they find and schedule their shifts.

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