Zing Launch: Phase One

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We have big dreams, but a fairly simple phase one plan. It is:

  1. Keep our focus
  2. Test the first assumptions

Keep our focus

The world of part-time work is in desperate need of a change. There’s a better way, somehow, to connect people who want shift work and the employers that offer it. This is our focus and we must never lose it.

Test the first assumptions

We are finding a handful of restaurants into Toronto to do a test run with us. These places must:

  • believe that finding part-time staff and scheduling them is a big problem
  • be willing to try something new: such as sharing their part-time roster with a neighbouring business

We’ll be working out scheduling and hiring procedures for these first testers. Meanwhile, the software team will build the best outcomes into our beta product.

At the same time, marketing and research crews are keen to speak to part-time employees who’d be interested in seeing how Zing can change the way they find and schedule their shifts.

If you’re a restaurant owner or manager in Toronto and want to partake, please reach out to us at hello@zingwithus.com, or read more here.

If you’re a part-time employee, you can also drop us a line at the email above, join the waitlist, or read more here.

Launch date

We’re aiming to have these tests up and running by February 15, 2019.

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